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"Susan's positive energy illuminates the pages
as she gives useful tools to incorporate peace and joy,
which are essential to healthy lving."
-- Carla Janvier, M.D., Doctor of Psychiatry

Life can be tough, and you might be searching for inner strength
without knowing where to find it. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With the right attitude, you can confront everyday and extraorddinary
challenges in a positive and proactive manner. Susan Duncan, a longtime spiritual teacher, helps you find out how with a series of essays that explore numerous spiritual and practical approaches for overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. You will learn:

  • How to develop more patience;
  • Ways to create your desired reality;
  • How to develop a consciousness of health;
  • How gratitude can change your life;
  • And much more!

You will also uncover other methods to bring light into your life, which
include trusting your intuition, meditating and encouraging others. Twenty-seven other tips round out a comprehensive list of actions that
will bring more peace, love and joy into your life. Decide to start Living in the Light.

Susan Duncan writes the "Living in the Lighht" newsletter, and she has
appeared on radio programs and led seminars to encourage spiritual growth and natural healing. She designs and sells jewelry through her
company, Crystalight Designs. A graduate of Howard University, she
lives in Washington, D.C. suburbs.




Iintroducing Susan's new and profoundly effective life enhancing toolsl.. "Living in the Light"


Susan Duncan is dedicated to researching and disseminating information on tools that encourage spiritual growth and natural healing. In order to share this knowledge, she writes and distributes her own newsletter entitled “Living In The Light” and has done so for over twelve years. To further relate this information to others, she has appeared on radio programs and at various seminars and metaphysical shows.

Susan has studied metaphysics extensively as well as numerous religious and spiritual practices. She is currently a student at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary where she is studying world religions and world spiritual wisdoms and traditions. A native Washingtonian, she was educated in Washington, D. C. and is a graduate of Howard University.

Susan has been writing professionally for over thirty years. She retired from the federal government after twenty-seven years of service working as an Economist and as a Transportation Specialist. She wrote numerous studies and economic reports on a variety of transportation issues.

Susan has a profound love of nature, especially crystals, gemstones, and minerals. She has extensively studied these products of the mineral kingdom and the effects they have on the environment and on us. Through her business Crystalight Designs, Susan designs, creates and sells crystal and gemstone jewelry. Her hobbies include doing crossword puzzles, playing the piano, walking, and creating greeting cards.

She has two successful children and six exceptional grandchildren.



At this moment I feel so much gratitude for all that is happening in my life. I appreciate this opportunity to reach out to all of you through my book and I deeply thankful for your response, as well as your purchasing the book. I hope that the material I offer will touch you in positive manner. My desire is that the book will help many to move forward on their life path in an easier, joyful, and more fulfilling manner.

Although we encounter many challenging people and situations in life, many fellow spiritual travelers who are compassionate and seek higher truths surround us. They, like you, want to live a positive life and to make a positive difference in the world. Once you have begun your journey in earnest, look around you, really look, and you will recognize them. Let's acknowledge each other with a smile or a helping hand when needed. In this way, as our paths intertwine, all of our journeys become full of light and love.


Susan Duncan







This book, Living in the Light - Lessons and Tools For Your Spiritual Journey, was written by Susan Duncan. This book discusses commonly faced life issues and how these issues can be dealt with in a positive, spiritual manner. The challenges and issues that Susan writes about are drawn from her own personal experiences, study, and observations. She compassionately suggests ideas and processes that she found successful in getting her through trying periods of life – or in maintaining peace, love, and joy in her life. These are the “lessons” learned and they pour forth from the heart and soul of the author. Her intention is to assist the reader in enhancing his or her life experience in the most positive way possible.

The book is divided into three sections. The first section, which is the major portion of the book, is The Essays. This part consists of 29 essays that deal with life issues many of us face and positive, spiritual approaches for dealing with them. The topics for these essays are varied. For example, in “The Healing Process”, she offers a process for healing, based upon a physical health challenge she faced in her life. On the other hand, in “Create Your Desired Reality”, she suggests ways to create and experience the conditions that you want to show up in your life.

The second section, entitled, “In-Lightened” Things To Do, serves as a spiritual “To Do” list. The topics discussed here, such as “Listen To Our Children”, are more concisely written than The Essays. The list provides the reader with 30 positive actions that can be undertaken to bring more tranquility and happiness into the reader’s life and environment, thereby making the life journey an easier, more joyful one.

The third section of the book, Affirmations, lists 30 positive affirmations that can be read and spoken in order to bring about positive results in one’s life. These affirmations are listed by topic, making it easy for the reader to choose an affirmation that speaks to whatever challenge he or she may be facing, and affirm whatever positive experience one desires to achieve.

This book is an offering from Susan to all who want to experience a better life and to all who are consciously traveling their path of spirituality. Her message is always positive and uplifting. As you read it, you will get a glimpse into the stages of her life, the ensuing challenges and how she dealt with them, and the lessons that she learned. Her suggestions to the readers of this book are offered with love and compassion for her fellow travelers.

Buy your copy of Living in the Light, read it, and begin to experience and radiate more optimism and joy in your world.




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1. Testimonial from Charmaine Parker:

“I truly enjoyed this book. I thought it was informative and inspirational and there is something for everyone. Susan offers great advice to finding comfort and peace.”

Charmaine Parker
Publishing Director, Editor, Journalist

2. Testimonial from Dr. Carla Janvier

“Susan’s positive energy illuminates the pages as she gives useful tools to incorporate peace and joy, which are essential to healthy living.”

Carla Janvier, M.D., Doctor of Psychiatry

3. Testimonial from Omushaho Nelson

“Sincere…inspiring…very uplifting”

Omushaho Nelson



Living in the Light, Newsletter for Autumn 2014, download.

Attached FLYER for my annual event, Crystalight Designs Holiday Open House which will be held on Saturday, December 6 and Sunday December 7.  I hope that you can attend, download.




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